USA: Cheap DIY/TB's stuff for sale

Hi guys, moving away and probably won’t be using my board as much. I also had battery issues with lipos and don’t want to invest into a lithium pack. You can trace my post history and from the start, I knew this was just a summer hobby for me and we’re approaching winter. I applied to medical school and spoke about this hobby in many of the interviews! I’ll keep skating normally with my push longboard, but no more eskating for me! All parts here were brought in June – August ’16 and were used for light cruises around my college.

All parts working when I last touched them in late September. I’m located in DFW area and would give preference to locals, looking at you nosam!

Prices includes shipping to make it simple for you guys. I haven’t calculated anything and I’m not looking into making a profit from this. I’m just clearing floor space. I have little extras I’ll try to throw in if applicable.

Board: $120 shipped

  • Arbor Zeppelin: L: 32.00" | W: 8.75" | WB: 23.00" : $120 shipped. 9/10 condition with no visible scratches. Retails over $200.

Mechanical:$120 shipped

  • 83mm Flywheel clones
  • Single Bolt On Motor Mount w/ Drive Wheel Kit 16T/36T
  • 50 degrees Caliber 7" trucks sanded down to fit mount + 50 degrees Caliber 10" trucks unmodified
  • 280mm x 12mm belt + shorter belts as extras

^ I really don’t want to remove mount from the trucks unless I have to. Things are Loctite Blue in and it’s solid. I shaved a bit of the base plate to try and reverse mount, but alas, it never worked due to clearance. Wheels spin freely with most of them having Bones Reds bearings. II’ll include an extra drive wheel set that isn’t as nice as the installed one. It’ll work though since it’s a piece of aluminum.

Motor: $60 shipped

  • 6355 230 KV Motor from DIY: Works.

Electronics: $50 shipped

  • FVT ESC + Programmer card: . I’ll throw in a package of 5mm bullet connectors since there are no connectors on it. Also have some extra XT60 I’ll throw in.

DIY Mini Remote: $30 shipped. I honestly used my Winning remote more than this one, but it works.

Winning Remote: $30 shipped. I never had problems with mine, but do agree these do have a short throttle range. I used this primarily.

The Flagship Enclosure $40 shipped: front -L51mm x W102mm x H38mm, middle -L209.5mm x W152mm x H45.5mm, back -L76mm x W140mm x H38mm: . From the pic, slightly trimmed edges to fit my other board’s shape. It’s not the cleanest cutout for the battery meter, but it works. Also includes the battery meter.

i would like to buy [email protected]

I’ll take the remote!

Can you guys PM me with what you want or an email?

Pending sale for everything EXCEPT enclosure and board at the moment. Thanks for the quick replies guys!

I sent the money via pay pal. Please check to make sure you got it

If anything’s left, let me know! Very interested in the mechanical portion. Can’t believe I missed this :frowning:

Sorry, just shipped it :(. Only the enclosure and mini remote is left.