(USA) Trampa Belt Drive

image Hello everyone, I’m clearing out some extra items from my shop so I am selling my drives. The were mocked up once but never ridden or even spun with a motor. I know that they are 1 generation old so the price should reflect that.

Comes with 2 motor mounts, 2 belts, 2 wheel gears and the motor “cages” The only thing that isn’t included is a motor gear which can be bought for $5 from eBay or trampa.

Bump. I want these sold. What’s your best offer?

can you post a pic of the other side of the wheel pulley? I want to see how difficult it would be to mod to work on SR RKP’s.

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I can post when I get home later today

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Do you have any specs for the parts?

@eldeho Which specs are you looking for? 460mm belt 66 tooth gear wheel. Comes from trampa with a 14t motor gear

image image @mmaner

Looks like it would be tough. Thanks for the pics.


delivered, thanks bud - mods please lock away :slight_smile: