[USA] trampa custom E MBS for sale + extras [SOLD]

asking $1300 (good deal avoiding all taxes and shipping from trampa directly)

trampa mountainboard, with all original parts and extras plus summer tires. Condition is Used.

comes with velcro bindings, extra motor covers and bearing, 5 belts, VESC cover, controller pre paired, all nuts and bolts plus extras and spanners, two 6s chargers, green dampas, gummies tires for summer, extra tire inner tube, summer tire wheel pulley. 4 1st generation shred-light mounts.

the board is a trampa single 6376 motor dual 6s4p in series to create a 12s4p. the power is filtered through a VESC 6 PLUS with an easy turn on button fitted with a 100A fuse. all boxes and gaps are sealed for water and still open for maintenance or modification. the box uses heavy Velcro to stay mounted and therefore the deck has no huge hole in the center.

only thing you should be warned about are the two small dents on the trucks in the pictures and to never under any circumstance plug in both chargers at once !!!

all vans/converse pictured are NOT included. i love them too much.

roughly 50 miles ridden. very light use !

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Try selling them on

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Hi Kenneth-

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thank you !!!


board is sold, please lock