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USB's? Your method of a USB output

So I’m a college student who commutes. So it’s nice to have a power source to charge my phone off of. Usually I just use some standard lipo to usb converter that runs on the balance leads ( it also measures voltage) but it’s not easy because because I have to have access to the balance leads to charge it.

What kind of solutions can you guys think of? Maybe a car charger (12v) and using an sbec to bring it down to 12?

Who knows

get this

solder to you pack in a 1s how ever many cells you have parallel

boom phone charger. samsung fast chargers output 9V at 1A or 5V at 2A so this would be great.

There was one on HK that uses an XT60 connector to USB. Do you want 12v or 5v? You use 5v for iPhone charging.

I have this. But still you got to access it somehow.

Keep it simple

This I like because of the 2amp output

Yes I know that phones need 5v. But the car charger uses a 12v input.