Use a skateboard motor to power a boat

I intend to use one of your electric skateboard motors to power a model speedboat. What I do not know is, What speed controller I can use and how do I control the speed using a remote control unit?

I’d assume a boat ESC or perhaps VESC. We don’t have many RC boaters on here though :smile:

To be honest, most of our motors are initially designed to be used on RC aeroplanes and large-scale cars. Have seen motors that are specifically made for boats as well, don’t know what the real difference is. So any rc speed controller that can handle the currents of the motors will work, for a boat, I’d suggest to look at escs that are marketed for use on boats. Keep in mind that some are watercooled and will propably require you to hook up pumps and waterlines and stuff. And any two-channel transmitter should work to control it remotely.

I havn’t looked into making an rc boat myself, so i can’t really give any exact details, but the basics are fairly easy when it comes to parts.

There are specialized water-cooled boat motors and escs available. Search Hobbyking.

Usually the motors are brushless inrunners that are water cooled