Use Loctite on everything

Which mount is it? Do you have a photo? If you do use mega loctite, you can always get it off with some heat.

Screenshot_20181028-213014~2 Are you using left or right? Left is better. Are your screws engaging all the treads with motor?

I am using my own custom mounts. I’ll get some pics in a minute. They are just simple steel plates bolted to an aluminium clamping piece.

Here we go, not the best pics but you get the design. Just very basic as I used only hand tools.image image image image

Edit: These were pics from the mock up, ignore any missing bolts and stuff like that.

@Grozniy I am using the bolts on the right side, I know the left is better but the extra cap length won’t fit as I am running 180mm trucks


It’s. it the softer aluminium that’s wearing that’s causing stuff to come loose is it?

I don’t think it’s the aluminium that’s being worn. Some how the bolts loosen no matter how much force or Loctite I apply. The only solution I can think of is to apply red Loctite, I have some 609 that I guess I could try

Are you able to torque the screws tight?

Are you using stainless steel or alloy bolts?
Also are you allowing cure time for the Loctite?

I think your motor plates still have some flex that is causing the 3 bolts to keep coming loose. Even though you have the support plate. I would add an extra support on the other side as far back as you can.

Red loctite should do the trick though, and you can just use some heat if you need to take them off later.

Stainless and 24-36h cure time.

@J0ker3366 I’m applying as much torque without stripping the screws.

@lrdesigns The mounts have minimal flex but I would like to add another support too.

I think I’ll use some red Loctite ard report back, Thanks guys :+1:

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Yeah I think minimal flex is still enough to work screws loose over time. As you accelerate hard or brake hard there is just a little left / right flex that slowly works the screws loose.

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Decent alloy hex head can withstand a lot more torque

Highly recommend


I’m able to torque these down tight enough that I actually don’t even use Loctite at the moment and haven’t had them come loose once


Thanks, I need to look at getting some of those hex tools

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Skunk is going to preach wera


When I was first putting my board together I was using the Basic Hardware I had & the cheapest set of Allen heads I could find. I was having to retighten and replace stripped bolts sometimes daily. I switched over to quality tools and Hardware and it’s like night and day.

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If someone knows of a brand that’s cheaper with the same quality please do tell. I like these things enough that I bought a set for my boy @J0ker3366 as an early Christmas gift when he was having some similar issues with Mounts coming loose .


Let me tell you lol. These wrenches are clutch! And with the screws too I can torque screws into the mount on one of my boards. If you can find panhead philips head screws, you can use a socket wrench with the appropriate philips head bit nd can torque them down. Its how I run on one of my other boards. And just like @Skunk said, I have no need for loctite on either boards.


Last weekend i had the hubcap fall off one of my boards, and the urethane skin had walked about half an inch off the hub motor before i stopped and realised that the hubcap was critical, so i loctited it on

@pat.speed make sure threads are clean. There are loctite variants that can tolerate a bit of oil. You can also use primer to make sure it cooks correctly.

There’s also green loctite that’s as strong or stroger than red, and can wick into already assembled stuff.

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Thanks I’ll look at the one that can be used on pre assembled stuff that sounds cool

It’s so crazy they have so many similar things…$File/294-EN.pdf

294 is wicking med/high strength, oil tolerant, high temp, which you may or may not like if you need to adjust/remove.

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