Use Loctite on everything

I build my board and did not loctite all screws an almost had a very bad experience…will not run a board until I ensure loctite Blue or Red added to every screw… not worth it.

Trust me…



And remember to wait for it to cure too!


Sounds like someone had an “experience”

Definitely wait for it to cure too like Ben said. Please tell us about what almost happened @ksfacinelli

I think you had an experience similar to mine. I didn’t glue the two screws of the motor mount and I went to test the range of my built. During the ride I noticed something wasn’t going well (strange noises) I arrived home after 30 km with just one screw on the motor mount and It was quite loose.

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You dont wanna use threadlocker on every screws, some screws are meant not to have it since they have a locking nut on the other side :slight_smile:

What’s your experience with auto locking nylon nuts? I’ve been using them without loctite for at least 60-100 km and they haven’t loosened a bit

You know, some people have had those experiences, but I’ve ridden my board incessantly and have never needed locktite. And I even wiggle every part including the pulleys to see if they have loosened and nothing.

Agree. use it on your motor mounts, motor screws and deck inserts.

Ok guy’s here is the story…

Was riding and started to hear a clicking noise and new that was not a good deal. Pulled over and I had lost one on the bolts on the pulley wheel and the other was hitting motor screw mounts. I was still 2 miles away from home so to it slow… when i inspected I had lost motor screw and another was loose. I am running dual motor so pulled everything apart and applied Locate blue and yes let it cure overnight.

The reality this could have jammed up and locked wheels at over 20mph…again for safety loctite and cure properly.

Good luck,


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Always have some kind of locking. Doesn’t matter if it’s nyloc nuts, loctite, safety wire, whatever. They all help keep you from streeting your face.

At work (I work on airplane engines) we have some form of locking on EVERY. SINGLE. FASTENER. loctite, safety wire, lock washers, lock nuts, cotter pins, palnuts. You name it, we use it.

Because having a failure while riding an esk8 is one thing, but in mid air, failure is NOT an option.

Airplane security factor on all parts is 10 So if something is supposed to hold a 100kg load It must be able to hold 1000kg

For eskate its not needed so much IMO But on motors and mounts I would not put the screws on without anything to hold them in place

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Gotta say but I haven’t had great experiences with nylon lock nuts so far for esk8, I used them on my old motor mounts and they would vibrate loose after about 10km. I ended up double lock nutting and using loctite to get it to hold.

nord lock washers are the answer to your woes. Although the little shits are expensive as heck

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I need to revive this thread for some help. What is the next step up from locknuts and loctite, my shit honestly won’t hold together for more than 20km. Should I try red loctite or is there something better?

What is falling apart? Might be more fundamental than glue…

As @xilw3r said, nordlock washers plus 243 loctite

Lol i haven’t used loctite on anything on my riptide makeover. But i keep changing things. Keep my tools on me. I Check it over every ride. Nothings come lose in a few weeks.

I use blue for stuff that comes off frequently like the enclosure screws and red stuff on everything else.

It’s always just the bolts holding the motor mount arm to the clamp. It’s happening on both builds, one with 4 bolts and the other with 3. The part that frustrates me is it will hold for a while then eventually fail.

@Battosaii I think I’m going to have to go to red and just hope I don’t have to take it off again