Used flipsky vesc 6 dual for sale

I have a barely used flipsky vesc 6 dual for sale. It was given to me by a friend and he asked me to sell it on the forums. after about a month of communication with flipsky, they said it was likely issues with the bootloader. the lights turn on when powered, and then turn off a few seconds later. If anyone knows how to use the specialized programmer and unbrick the thing, it should be simple enough i hope.

The price we are asking is $215 USD or your best offer (includes shipping anywhere in continental USA)

Please buy this because I get $10 from him if i manage to sell it here :smiley: totally worth the effort lol


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If it’s so easy to repair why he/you didn’t try to get the esc back to life instead of selling it?


I bought a new unity $200 and you’re asking $215 for a broken dual flipsky…image


thats why the price is what it is. hes not a vesc expert, and neither am i tbh. its not worth the time to learn how to fix it and get the parts here to do it.

ill ask him about the price and see what he thinks. dont kill the messanger. ill see if i can get it closer to 180 or so

edit: hes at work, it could take a bit to get a response

he responded, the price will be $175 and shipping

he also said he is willing to trade for 2 working 4.xx vescs I cant really negotiate that for him, so i will try and get him to log on later.

well that was fast. it has sold already

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