Used Hummie Hubs

Hi everyone,

I am eventually planning on ordering @Hummie 's V4 Hubs once they are available for purchase and I (hopefully) get some internship $$ this summer. However, I figured I should probably test the waters with a set of dual hubs before committing to eating ramen for a month (am college student).

I’m especially looking for a set of his (non wide) aluminum hubs, as I have heard many good things about them, and have about $150-200 to spend.

If I can’t find a pair, can anyone recommend Maytech sensored 90mm hubs? I am 155 lbs with gear, so I don’t think torque is really an issue with me so dual hubs should be more than enough.

yes i can recommend the maytech 100kv 800w 90mm motors. Torquey, and good speed. I get 26-27mph average top speed, sometimes a little more on mild downhill

Where did you get yours?

my board is a prebuilt board.

I have 2 old pairs of hummie hubs that are burnt out (we might have some other busted ones too). I can rewind, dip, bake, and send. Steel hubs though. They are best for low speeds. I think hummie has a big box of wheels still. Honestly, fun motors. V4’s feel a lot like them, but basically double the power. Coolest part, you can put nicely upgrade to the v4’s.

Only thing is they are best for 1-2 miles max. Also, replaced the big bearings with ceramics, which in this case, makes a loudish sanding like sound. Bearings are functional good though. Inside is also normal steel bearings.

They are a bit beat and will be redone, but I can let one go for $120 each without sensors, $150 with sensors.

What kind of speed do you want?

Hm, could you elaborate on what you mean by they are best for 1-2 miles max? @evoheyax

They get hot. Small hub motors get hot. Unless your 140 lb and ride flats at moderate speeds, they will start getting hot within a few miles of decent riding.

The v4’s fix this problem. The issue is, small stators saturate. And they makes the heat go nuclear. You’ll see this complaint commonly about small hub motors in general.

They are what they are. Carvons at $700 with no truck, last pre-orders we did sell for v4’s were at $550. But for $120, you won’t find something as powerful. If you don’t want to go 25 mph, I can wind them to a lower kv also, which would likely help.


I think I’ll take you up on your offer for $150 for the sensored hubs (this price is for a pair right?). I mostly just ride to class and never really push my setup too hard (hopefully I’m down to 145 within a month or two anyway). And even though I’m in Berkeley my particular route isn’t that hilly. I’ll PM you for details.

Pretty sure he said $150 each with hall sensors.

Now that you mention it that’s what the wording sounds like. I’ll ask him.

by busted he must mean shorted because none ever broke that I know of. i’m 155lbs and can race around with high power crushing boosted boards left and right for like 20 miles.
sure he means a set for 150 but just get them without sensors as is. the vesc was designed to give performance like sensors, and it’s pretty darn close, and without the complications.


Alright, I guess I’ll take advice from the creator himself haha

strangely I’ve done the same route as evohyax at the same speed and come up with way less temp. he’s too fat now. 145 and you wont even think about heat till your battery is dead unless youre doing the Berkeley hills. you can still do them. sure you could get up skyline no problem and stay under 150f. and do them at like 25mph. the bigger motors coming are not necessary for most people really. if you were to ride around with the same power output as a boosted board, and go up hills at like 15mph same speed as them, you wouldn’t ever have a heat issue even if you were heavier. but who wants to do hills at 15mph! hope to see a video of you going up and along skyline. that’s would make an awesome race course actually!!! some day


Lol what do you guys eat to be this light, I’m 187lb currently. Well size matters maybe.

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I’m actually overweight by like 15 pounds haha, I’m a 5’2" manlet. Used to be 140 but now I’m 150 (finals and thanksgiving are a deadly combo), should be 135.

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Lucky you lol you don’t overheat motors and you can drive Miatas! I guess Christmas combo may put me close to 200 after eating and cake :santa:


I have a set of Pristine-Never-Mounted OG Hummies!

$175.00 plus shipping work?


I’ll gladly take those! Like NOW! Lol


@evoheyax you need one of these? this board gets a 220 pound dude up to 38mph with15 pounds of back pack.


You can have them haha I worked something out with evoheyax

@SolidSurfer I think you have a buyer

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