Used loaded vanguard Flex 3, 2 or 1

Looking for a used loaded vanguard for cheap if anybody had one, located in US

What flex do you need?

Ah, thanks. Flex 3 to flex 1 would be what I am looking for

Lemme check the extra one i have at home…not sure what flex it is.

@Itsmedant Any verdict on the flex?

where in the US are you?


I’m located in Santa Clara CA

oh okay I’m down in LA and have a 42" Vanguard Flex 3 and have @Eboosted 12s4p (was gonna throw a 10s5p into it) Vanguard Enclosures and Otang Kegels


I thought flex 3 was 38”… If nothing is too beat up I’m interested! Any pictures?

Deck has never been drilled into I just rode it stock as it was complete with paris trucks @Eboosted are new as well


You’re giving up on the boosted project?

school rn is a priority and some cost were unexpected so I have to move out of eskate for a while

How much ?

Darn… best of luck.

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Probably $350 for everything in the photo so complete board + @Eboosted enclosures

Hey man, the wife vetoed me getting rid of the board…forgot it was “officially” hers…even though its just collecting dust down there!

Sorry man!

Why are you selling it?

He said he has school as his prority right now

yup had some school finances pop up that we’re more than i expected so i gotta sell some stuff to cover for it