Used Trampa parts for sale

(SOLD) Ultimate trucks, asking 180usd plus shipping for the pair.

Comes with extra baseplate, two extra springs (four black, two red in total), extra set of spring retainers, extra pair of adjustment screws, an assortment of bushings (although some don’t fit the housing very well, might need a little sanding), and an extra set of yellow dampas with 1/4 inch holes drilled down the centers for looser steering.

Some minor scrapes and scuff marks, but all in all they’re in really good shape. Kind of embarrassing how little I’ve rode these things considering how much I’ve spent. Very little off-road use, and no jumping.

(SOLD) E-Toxx chain drive with extra set of chains (extra set not used), asking 300usd plus shipping.

@High-roller mentioned the trucks, and @scepterr the drive, but otherwise they’re up for grabs.

Also… I still have this charger if anyone wants it (it’s new in box) :smiley: Asking $170 plus shipping. I know, no one wants my charger :pensive: lol

(SOLD) I have a new set of 8" Primo Alphas somewhere too if anyone wants 'em, $50 plus shipping.


I’ll pass on the drive system, I am interested in the trucks though if @High-roller isnt


Sorry @scepterr, I’m definitely interested :wink:. @benjammin pm’ing you now.

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I’d be interested in the drive system if it’s still available

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Yep, still available.

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I’ll take the 8in pneumatics

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Them MAX6’s? lol dont suppose your selling them aswell, are you?:smiley:

No sorry man, keeping the speed controllers.

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hey I will definitely take those drives if still have them

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Yep, still have it. Just pm me your location and I’ll figure shipping cost.

not sure how to pm but its Murfreesboro tn 37130

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Looks like 2 day shipping should be about $14, so $314 total. My PayPal is [email protected]. Can get it sent out in the am.

alright then

Payment received. I’ll hit ya up with the tracking number tomorrow.

Cheers :beers:

Cool, you every try running 9s with that drive? I have the Trampa belt drives and the clearance is terrible.

You mean 9 inch tires right?

I haven’t, but I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t.