Useful equation for electric skateboards

Electric Skateboard + Fork lift leaking oil + my ass hitting the concrete when I’m carving across the trail of oil (which I didn’t see until too late) = damn my ass still hurts a day later :slight_smile:


someone invent an ass helmet pls! :monkey:

LOL, that would be an awesome kickstarter

This one should work.


That’s awesome, I cant believe it actually exists, but awesome none the less.

You could do slides while sitting down… This is revolutionary.

Ass sparks, anyone?

If anyone is looking for a more slimline fit

Trampa should call it a “Dirt E-Diaper” or “Ass Hat”. I like how the grungy looking mountain man in their photos has a Trampa stamp on his lower back. :smile: At least it’s removable though.

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There’s been ass pads for ages! We use them for snowboarding, im pretty sure they’re the same they use for ice hockey.