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Using 12s batterys

Nice! I bought 4 5.2 6s Multistar batteries for my build. I’m a bigger guy at 215lbs so I think I’ll need the 12s power. I can then use the other 2 batteries for added range while I run a single motor and then add them in for when I upgrade to a dual motor setup in the future. My commute is only 2 miles round trip so I am hoping 5,200 mah is enough for that.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Ya for some reason these multistar lipo’s last longer then other lipo’s and still give you tons of power. Just a little warning to the wise 12s will jurk the board out from under you if your stance is not right so brace your self ! Oh and its way fast at 50 volts.

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Haha Thanks for the warning! I’ll probably end up gearing it down a bit for more low end torque and purposely limiting my top speed lol. You better believe I will be wearing my hockey pads and motorcycle jacket/gloves the first time I ride it :smile:

Oh and as far as what’s next. A Hover board with 8 prop motors on 14s :wink: 300lbs of thrust to lift me 130lbs off the ground ! Controls will be much like a drone copter. Flight time 30 to 40 minutes.

Well have fun going 40mph on your 12s skateboard lol. l let my friend ride my board with it running on only 6s and he was going quite fast with no problems and he’s like 230lbs.

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Hey guys, This is a really interesting topic, but let’s try to keep it on topic. It should only be a discussion about 12S Batteries.

The cool part about the batteries I just ordered is I can put a 4s and 4s together for 8s or run it as 6s or even 4s and 6s for 10s or 6s and 6s together for 12s since they are all matching 20,000mah this is doable.

Hello im 230lbs with 1 motor and doing steep hills with a sk3 turnigy 190kv on 8s atleast 15-20mph full throttle i also ride 10s its most definitely beastly why do people want dual motors jus thought id ask? Also i use the VESC this seems super scary at top speeds with one motor wouldn’t two jus be super cray cray (crazy) lol?

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Make a video :smile:

I was all too familiar with this with my alien esc and a kick flip board now with the VESC it could be a 100s and i think it still wont jerk this thing is smooth as butter i was afraid of 10s until i got the vesc now 12 wont be shit and ive had 4 different esc nothings touching it will fix all jerking problems for sure jus thought id add

Good to know! Thanks for the info. Maybe I won’t need to upgrade to a dual setup any time soon lol

Well with twin motors you get less motor cogging more torque up hills and the acceleration is incredible. Even on 6s twin motors hall butt. With 12s and twin motors your turned into a rocket ! I did try taking one belt off to see what one motor would feel like and the motor cogged more and the acceleration just was not there. I was not pleased. With twin motors I feel like the green goblin on his sky board lol And now I’m bumping things up with 15 tooth motor pulleys.

Omg this board can go up even the steepest hills and accelerate up them ! Some guy at the bottom of the hill stopped turned his head in amazement and watched me go straight up the hill. :smile: that hill is steep I’m talking almost straight up. 12s and twin motors will rocket you like a missile with more power speed and torque.


What! Like an elevator :smile:


Hey has any one done an amp draw test on these r spec motor using 12s ? I wonder how many amp’s I’m pulling going up hills. I’m going to be installing 15 tooth pulleys on the motors soon too. I’m sure that will bring up the amp draw.

You are probably pulling around 35 to 40 amps @ 44v when you start feeling those sweet G’s from acceleration or hill climbing.

No way its only pulling 40 amps. I’m going to get a amp gage and test it my self

do you think it is more or less?

I’m guessing more then 60 to 90 amps