Using A Boosted Board Battery

making a new thread because i assume this could help other BB fanboys like myself. is it possible to take their battery system (with charging, a switch, etc.) and connect it to the vesc/vescs we use? for instance:

I don see how it would connect (only the one cable) but hypothetically would it be possible? if so, could save a lot of people some trouble (some are selling them because of the new battery)

i couldn’t find this topic so sorry if it exists already


Yeah, If you find the right pins, they’re using a 12s1p.

No, you won’t be able to use it with a VESC.

The stock BMS is connected to their ESC via that cable (most likely a CAN connection) so if you use it with a different ESC, the battery will give you an error signal (yellow or red light).

You can open the pack, salvage the cells and use a different BMS in that case (but most likely you won’t be able to do that since it’s around 3mm and not many 12s LiFePo4 BMS’s are that small).

Or you could just use their case and fit 20 (18650) cells in there with any Li-ion BMS, comme ça:

And I assume there’s no way to buy their esc? Also they have double motors, don’t they have 2 esc’s?

They do not sell it.

Basically a set of ESCs on one PCB.