Using a JST - XT30 connector adapter for charging port

Hello! I recently bought (lame, I know) my first e-skateboard but started to have some issues with the battery. Thus, I ordered a new battery with the same parameters but from a third-party, not from the skateboard manufacturer. However, after attempting to mount the new battery, I noticed that my new purchase uses a different connector than the one in the skateboard.

Now, I know next to nothing regarding electronics, so my entre knowledge on the topic comes from yesterday’s research on the internet. If I understand correctly, the connector used in the board is XT30 whereas the one in the battery is JST. They are used to connect the battery to the charging port.

Is buying adapter a good idea? The cables from the XT30 connector are visibly “thicker” than the ones from the JST connector, so I guess the load they can take is different. The battery we are talking about here has 36-42V, 8000 mAh with 16A BMS (whatever that means exactly).

I found some review on the WowGo site (not my manufacturer, but I guess all Chinese brands are quite similar), with the following fragment:

(…) The battery works great (despite their lack of support). If you do get your hands on a battery make sure you are prepared to provide your own converter connector if your board has a JST connector.

I take the guy must have been successful with using the adapter, although he had a problem reverse to mine (JST on the board, XT30 on the battery).

My question is: is it safe to connect a battery with a JST connector to a charging port with a XT30 connector through an adapter?


Just swap out the jst connectors for XT30. Not sure why they would use such a tiny connector in the first place. What gauge wires are you working with?

JST connectors are only rated for 5 amps.