Using a scooter transaxle for off road longboard

I was thinking about some design ideas and was wondering if using a small electric motor transaxle for the rear wheels would work. Mounting the wheels would be easy and the measurements show there would be enough ground clearance. This would be a 4wd build and may have transaxles in front and back. I know this would be heavy but would decrease the amount of parts. What problems do you foresee? Steering issues? Braking?

here is an example of what I was thinking about using:

That isn’t a truck, just an axle. Do you have ideas on how you would attach it to a base plate and kingpin? Also, I’m not sure it’s that small.

I was thinking about making my own trucks similar to kiteboarding trucks. Like this:

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Haha that truck looks oldschool! I might make a similar one in the future. They look cool!

Lol. Im glad you like it.

I think this style of truck would work to attach the transaxle to the board. It might take a while to figure out how to actually do it though. I was just trying to get some constructive criticism.