Using Adjustable BMS 13S for 12S

hello guys,

i just found this adjustable BMS 13S. as stated by seller it can be used to setup 12S for charging. does anyone ever try this kind of setup ?

2V_25A_Adjustable_BMS_Lithium_Li_ion_18650_Bat 2V_25A_Adjustable_BMS_Lithium_Li_ion_18650_Bat spm=a2g0s.13010208.99999999.259.30453c002SpBre

Don’t cheap out on the bms man. Just not worth it in the long run. Use a tried and tested unit. Like a bestech or diebie. The battery is the heart of the board and the single most dangerous part in there so spend good money on it and have peace of mind.

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thanks buddy. will follow your advice :wink:

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