Using boost converter as primary power input

I have some Dewalt 20v batteries, and I’d like to use them to power a 24v ESC. Would it be advisable to use a simple boost converter to get the voltage into the correct range? My main concern is that the boost converter won’t be able to handle the amount of current the ESC requires, and it may fry something.

Its really not possible. The converter would be enourmous and extremely expensive. A prebuilt battery would be cheaper at that point.

Pm me if you need a custom built pack. My prices are super low


Or you would need a bunch of boost converters in parallel to handle the load without overheating. And if one goes out it will throw the rest off and probably not be good. The number of boost converters you would need would take up more space than a decent battery itself, and those things don’t like vibration without extra work adding silicone or something to all the components on all of them.

Plus for the cost of enough boost converters to comfortably handle the load, you are getting close to budget battery territory to begin with.

Not to dissuade you, I’m sure it can work… If you really want to, give it a try and let us know!