Using/buying Hub motors

I’m interested in good hub motors too. They don’t have to be “cheap” any one know of good mid to high level ones?

Meepo 100mm hubs, $235 for the drive train piece by piece. Alternatively, buy a V3/mini and sell some of the parts to recoup the cost.


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maybe you should look at DIYelectricskateboards direct drives @torqueboards

I was considering it but, they’re like 800 bucks. I was holding off because I just ordered another controller (vx2) and larger meepo motors based on some ones recommendation. My current build isn’t working. I think it might be the motors or controller.

I almost have enough parts for two builds.

Also, I don’t ride a typical long board. I like a kick tail style. I was worried the required 110 mm wheels might be awkward on a kicktail. I ride usually in NYC or similar beat up roads. Won’t the motors get destroyed long <110 mm wheels?

I have test the meepo hubs with focbox unity, they are decent. Especially when you pump a bit of extra current into them.

Just can’t easily change the urethane. You have to change entire rotor as the urethane is molded onto it that part of the motor.

Yeah, I’ve got 2 batteries, 2 decks, a set of 85mm wheels(brand new) a set of 90s and a set of 100mms on the way. All I need for another deck is the battery enclosure, motors and esc… Let me see how the new meepos motors hold up. Maybe I’ll get those TB ones. Does anyone have any experience with the Mboard DD motors? Why are they so much cheaper?

Aren’t Mboard DD Motors & boundmotor DD all just elfoty? same same…

I think these motors are getting better, china manufacturing is generally very good at rapid iterations, probably going to take a few more revisions until rock solid.

Interesting maybe I will give those a spin. Hell if the TB were just a little cheaper if have them already. I know you get what you pay for but it just doesn’t feel right but then again, I’ve wasted much more on other stuff…

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