Using/buying Hub motors

Hey I was wondering if anyone knows any good reliable cheap hub motors that I can purchase off eBay or something. I also don’t know whether I need to have it as a dual setup or a singular one? Just drop your opinion/experience down below and any links to some good hubs. Thanks

Not a thing, or everyone would run them

Depends what you want out of the board, your weight and where you ride.


what @Skunk said, plus probably single drive will not give you any really good driving experience. The cheap hub motors you can get are pretty weak (also with breaking) if to compair them to an outrunner.

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From everything I’ve read here if you want to go single, you should better use belt drive. A dual hub setup is so to say a next level and also probably would cost twice.

For a bare minimum nice dual set-up it’ll be $300ish new and $200ish used

  • dual hub and from truck kit is $120
  • non programmable ESC w/ remote is $60
  • 6s lipo battery $40
  • charger $25 (balance charger or $8 for 25V charger and $13 for 6s BMS)
  • deck $20
  • extra hardware and small components $20

This is something I know quite a lot about so I’ll give my 2 cents

If you want a reliable commuter for under $500 its generally best to just buy an existing budget board, they’re all very reliable and many of them have been ridden over 1000km without any changes/replacements. The brands you should be looking at are

  • Meepo
  • Wowgo
  • Ownboard
  • Backfire

Stay off amazon. You can DIY, but with dual hubs you’ll end up with basically the same product but it will cost more.


$140 shipped in the US

You missed off enclosures, also at that point you might as well spend the $50 more and get a hobbywing ESC board which has “”“vesc like”"" smoothness (Its much better compared to the china esc you’re thinking of)

Honestly if you are running hubs I would reccomend just saving up and buying a quality set of motors to begin with. I know a few people who have had success with the cheap chinese ones that are floating around but only when the are paired with a quality vesc.

Reliable and cheap dont go together really well.

I really like Ownboard. Made a board with ownboard hubs, esc and remote from them. IMG_20180920_171555 (I have done around 1600km on this board without any issues)


Reliable - Cheap - High spec

Choose 2


You can buy used and pick 2.5 of 3

Just to clarify when I say reliable cheap and good I mean like a reasonable price for something that will hold up. So if anyway can post some links that’d be amazing. Thanks

The only reliable hubs I have heard of are the hummie hubs.

Check this out

I like teamgee a lot, the braking is smooth, the acceleration is ok, and get the h5!85254!US!-1:rk:3:pf:0

I bought these on Ebay to use with my Meepo ESC when a motor went bad. I had low expectations, but they’ve been great…

I was originally looking at those, I would’ve gotten them except I got a sweet deal on some used koowheels instead

Koo wheel hubs are great if you can find them. Got my 97mm for 40 bux… been going strong for 100 miles. I just used a flipsky with them