Using DC-DC boost converter for loading Li-Ion battery

Hi there,

I just wanted to ask what is your opinion about using converter like this:

for loading 12s Li-Ion pack via BMS.

Main problem in my opinion is, that this converter will give constant [email protected] when set at powered properly. As far as I know, li-ion should be charged in 3 steps, pre-charge, charge, and then lovering amps to get to 4,2V slowly.

But this forum is of course to ask, discuss and get other’s opinion, so tell me what you think :smiley:

As long as it is a cc/cv charger it will work. If not, no it won’t although you could always use that first and then into a buck converter that has cc/cv.

Or yanno get a brick charger although a bit expensive for 12s


take a look :slight_smile:

you are trying to charge your battery with this?

just asking

I saw one guy using something like this for charging e-bike battery

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From the looks of it yes that is a Constant Current, Constant Voltage boost converter so it should work well for charging your battery.

I would not charge a lithium battery with this because there is a lack of information about what it does. It seems like it’s not the correct thing, despite the words “constant current” being on the page after automated translation.

You should not charge lithium batteries with power supplies.

Have you seen this? This is what you need:

it is completely the same, isn’t it?

No. I think there are differences, but the one I got has voltage calibration from 12 to 60v

Made a guide a while ago:

ok, but lets make things clear: can POWER SUPPLY and BMS be used as charger for battery pack? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just buy one of these and you will save a lot of time using these constant current modules :wink:

I got the 10S version and it works perfectly fine :v:t3:

you are right…there is no point to make life harder :stuck_out_tongue:

just ordered 8A version :wink:

Just throwing something out there but what would you think about a wireless charging system? I’ve been talking to our design guy about one

I guess it would then take several days to charge, because of the low current supply. the phonechargers are also only 1,5 A where the normal plugs are over 3A

I think it would be a cool project however the inefficiencys would be your main problem and wouldn’t make it commercialy viable.

@Grolletje I don’t think he means using a phone wireless charger lol. And if you did mean that then no, just no.

haha I was looking for an example :joy:

That’s for a phone. The Guy doing my designs is working on a project for high efficiency wireless charge bank for hand held devices. the discs are rated 3a and the volts are adjustable. just what he is working on. I asked him if it was possible, he said it is would just take some engineering. like a wall mounted close contact charging system. just wanted some feed back… thx