Using Giant Batteries

What if I ran 4 of there’s batterys in searies what kind of range do you’ll think it’d have?

How many and what size motor(s)? Without any idea of drain can’t complete the calculation.

It would probably be cheaper and more reliable to build a custom liion pack. @barajabali could help you with that.

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about 40 miles with the packs in series, but it depends a lot on rider weight and environment. Better to just make a li-ion pack.

That’s if they are true 16000mah I’m looking at some 10000mah 3s to run in series but haven’t plied the plug yet reading some reviews.

It would be more economical to build a lion pack if you are going to go that large.

plus $50 shipping, so $450 for 710wh, or $1.60 per watt hour. a space cell pro 4 is $1.20 per watt hour and already has the case, charger, wiring, etc.

But, 25c in a 12s with that much range would be nice.

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I just saw Giant batteries and thought I’d leave this here. @rodriguejoe1 mountain board project that I just completed

That’s all. Yes My shop is a mess. Shipped out 5 batteries this week lol.

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Be careful buying no name batteries on eBay. They could be a disaster just waiting to happen. I would recommend getting name brand like Turnigy from a reliable source like Hobby king.

WOOOHOOO! Can’t wait… My Trampa will be finished before my Raptor!