Using hoverboard hubs on a build

Hello guys i came across a cheap overboard with 2x350w 6.5inch hubwheels … you guys think they can make a decent skate…??

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Yes they will go, but not very fast or with much torque. You will have to modify the trucks quite a bit also

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it has been done


Cool video :-), he can get only 10 mph though and with 4 motors :slight_smile: , maybe overvolting them like he says can get more speed but for that more expensive esc etc etc…

I used one on a scooter, worked pretty well, they have ok power and torque considering the price, mothing special though, you won’t be blown away by the performance

Did you overvolted them?, maybe 52v , the problem is that vescs are reallly expensive… , i did a electric bike with 2 350w motors and i can go uphill really good and go 40km/h

Ran it on 10s and an ebike esc

I believe his speed issue(in the video) was that he was using the motor controller out of the hoverboard – I’ve got a pair of these motors for some robotics use, and at about 20v I got 18mph with a 100lb bot. this controller: That controller is not really suitable for skateboard applications, but hoverboard motors can do much more than that video shows, without over-volting. it’s a matter of how fast the controller can switch fields from coil to coil. I agree with @Livid, the motors won’t wow you, but they don’t fail without profound physical damage so they could do okay for a tank (heavy and nigh-indestructible) build

thats like the worst build ever


Flipsky vescs are pretty cheap but have their downsides compared to focboxes

There should be a used one for 50$ or so in the marketplace

For 2 wheels i need 2 and a remote…, any cheap remotes out there for the vesc ? or just the reciever maybe… , i have a winning remote maybe someone sells just the reciever and i can pair it with my remote…

I have two motors from a wrecked hoverboard I have. Iv’e been meaning to try them out, just haven’t really found a use yet.

what down sides do they have?