Using lipo 6s1p for first build


i am defining my first build. general requirements: 85 kg min (incl’ board) city riding 1wd belt drive

I want to use a 6s lipo because i already ordered a charger and it has 6s ability.

i have read that i can use a 6s lipo in an esk8 but all the designes and tutorials that i read use at least an 8s battery.

with all that in mind do you recommend basing my design on 6s or is it important enough that i increase it?

cheers :slight_smile:

6s is okay for small stuff, but upgrading to a 10s li-ion isn’t that bad really

How much do you want the board itself to weigh?

What use case will it be in?

i dont mind using a bigger battery. i wanted to use a lipo for cost reasons. ialready bought this charger it can charge lipos up to 6s

as i see it, my options are:

  1. using a 6s lipo
  2. finding another type of battery that is good enough and can be charged with this charger
  3. making a battery from lifepo cells i have lying around (i can assemble a 12s3p one with it) but it seems like hell to charge it every time
  4. im open to other options

i dont have a combo but from what i have read i estimate that the board will weight up to 8kg, but i can be wrong.

i want it to get to at least 35kmh in the real world (so lets say about 40kmh on paper). 15km range minimum. city cruising (i think that 10% incline is a good estimate) is it enough of a use case?

A 6s lipo should be okay for that then, but it needs to be really high capacity, like 16Ah

Dont i need to also take the c rating into account?

To get 24mi (40km) on light use with a urethane board you need about 360Wh, which is 16.2Ah at 22.2V

C rating is a measure of power, the unit is A/Ah so a 4Ah 30C/60C battery is rated for 120A continuous and 240A for 15 seconds

That seems great. So why would i need a bigger battery anyway?

Like higher voltage? The system runs more efficiently