Using Makita drill batteries

I want to use two 18v 6ah makita drill batteries in series to make 36v to power my board and I will mount them onto Makita terminal mounts. So the batteries work as two separate packs I can then unclip and put into the original Makita charger just as I would if using them with my tools. Does the built in bms in these battery packs only get used for charging purposes? what happens to the bms when the two battery packs are clipped into the mounts which are wired in series 36v? Does this mean the batteries wont have any discharge safety in series at 36v or is this not a problem?

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He is not first guy who wants to use drill batteries, many did it before. Just search forum/internet. @daverave you can use them in series to get 10s, but with 6Ah capacity your range won’t be great. Try to find out which cells are inside or if there is bms with any current limit, so you could adjust vesc settings accordingly

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I am planing on doing the same with bosch pro core 18v batteries but not in series. I have found out that there is no bms just a temprature sensor that the tools use to sense if the battery gets to hott under load and then stop the tool if the battery gets too hot. So if this is the same for makita there wil be no problem with conecting them in series. But you have be shure that the batteries are the same capacity and internal resistance. If you dont know the max amps the batteries can deliver do some careful testing and slowly raise the current draw.

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Each makita 18v battery pack has 5x 18650 cells. Wired in series apparently these should be able to handle 30amps and be ok for electric bikes/scooters/boards ect. From what I have seen, E-vehicles have already been built successfully using tool batteries as they have a high discharge rate and use quality cells. Hence why I am looking to do something similar myself.

There is a battery cutoff circuit, memory and charging bms built into each 18v pack. I just wasn’t sure if when wired in series at 36v the built in cutoff would work, as I presume the cutoff would only work if they were to be used individually at 18v? The charging bms side of it should be ok as I will be charging them individually in the stock charger. I just wasn’t sure about the built in cutoff or over discharge circuit. Will the cutoff/overheat still work being wired in series at 36v? I was thinking to monitor the 36v battery with a voltmeter display and recharge when reading anything lower than 36v as these are 40.2v fully charged.( 20.1v each)

I cant program the esc as it is non programmable 4QD Uni 8 controller

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Have you got anywhere with this? I am a complete rookie so will need help doing everything but want to turn my mountainboard into an electric one (so bad) it all seems so tricky to get my head around…

The main thing is the power/batteries.

Have you got anywhere with this Makita idea? This was my exact idea.

As I have 5 Makita batteries laying about. Two 5ah and 3 4ah.

Look forward to your reply!