Using slime in tubed tyres

Anyone have any experience/ feedback on the use of slime tube sealant in typical skate small diameter tubed tyres?

Was wondering if worth using


I have used multi-seal with great success. I had an audible hissing and the tire would go flat in 15 minutes. No such problems anymore. MULTI SEAL Tire Sealant with KEVLAR — Sportsman Formula, 32 fl. oz

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yeah some like it, how often do you get flats? just sucks if you get a blow out as you get covered in slime! If this happens take a picture :rofl: I don’t use it as I use wheel balance beads in my tires (to keep them balanced at speed).

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Lol you sounded like a infomercial .:joy:

One of my china boards has 6" pneumatics, which I flatten 3 of my first 2 hours.

A squirt of that exact bottle and a spin and they haven’t gotten a flat since. Riding in the same areas its been about 60 miles without a flat. I use the same bottle to fix my daughters and the neighborhood kids tires.

There may be a better/more professional version out there but so far I have had nothing but luck with slime in the last 10 years

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