Using VESC controller with a hubmotor ebike wheel

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Anybody who is using a VESC controller together with a hubmotor wheel on a ebike ??

Its going to be a 12s build (48v), and I would like to use a Throttle Hand Grip like this :

But is this even possible, to use with the VESC ? And what about regenerative braking, like i have on my esk8 boards, is this even possible with a handgrip ??


Haha hell yeah! I used to rock one of these on my very first board.


Check this thread out for some more info on the topic.


Thanks… not much info though… How do these handles work… ? I mean, on my boards i push the throttle forward to brake, how is it done with a handle in practice ?

Yeah they’re not designed to rest in a neutral position (~50% of throttle) so they’re not ideal for regen breaking setup. I was using a manual brake on that board. I’d suggest familiarizing yourself with a new throttle type. There are zero hand thottles used that I’ve seen in esk8.

Watch Benjamin’s Youtube channel. He has a bike with two hub motors and two ADC throttles. One for acceleration, one for braking. Works a treat.


Hmm… but how is it done on a “normal ebike” ?? With those cheap chineese controllers…

You said you wanted to use vesc?

Yeah… I was just wondering how reg. braking works on those cheap chinese speed controllers that often comes in the kit together with the hub Wheel.

On cheap hub motor setups: I believe when you use the physical brake, it electronically switches your motor to a generator, applying a small electrical resistance as well. Very inefficient regen compared to a fully electrical brake but physical brakes are necessary at higher brake loads.

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They don’t regen, simple as that

12s= 44v nominal.

13s= 48v nominal

48V Ebike batteries are 13s

Okay okay… 44v then :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys…

Maybe i just use the mechanical brakes then… Plan is to use this Btw.