V ESC Battery Saving Recommendations / Settings?

Hi everyone, new here.

Just finished up my first build after riding an exway and meepo for the past couple years.

I was wondering if anyone has any insight into the following questions as I haven’t seen them addressed yet. Current board has a VESC 6 running firmware 5.01

Is there way to set a custom profile within the VESC app that only turns one motor on in a dual drive system? Let’s say I wanted to go on a longer ride along the beach that is completely flat and in order to save battery; Could I theoretically just take a belt off of the motor not in use and increase my range by just using one motor?

This question is off topic, but what happens if you set your battery draw current above the rated limits of the battery. Will this cause a short and throw me off the board or brick the battery quickly? I made a beginner mistake and bottlenecked my whole build (200a esc dual 6384 motors) with a 12s3p only rated at a 60a continuous discharge.

Thank you for your time in advance.

There is a button on most remotes that limits get up and go. DO THAT. Dual motors does not waste much. Push off when you start. Pump up wheels.

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