V2 Lithium Battery Thermal Runaway

On top of the tons of RLOD issues with the V2’s battery, this one guy’s battery pack seems to have vented. Hopefully this does not become a widespread issue like the hoverboards… Then we’ll all be screwed.

Boosted’s Response: "Hi /u/dshine112, thanks for posting and we’re really glad you and your home are ok. It’s hard to judge from just one photo, but it appears that a lithium cell inside the battery vented. We use a fire-retardant composite for the battery casing, which is why the welt is so small. The correct thing to do here is to remove the battery from inside your home, which we’re glad you’ve done.

We’d like to send a team to investigate why and how this happened. I read that you already disposed of the battery, but we would actually like to get a hold of it so our engineering team can analyze it. Can you please send us an email to [email protected] so we can follow up directly?

To everyone else in the community, we will update you with results as soon as we have them. We take battery safety extremely seriously and have had an incredible record of safety so far. The difference between how this battery pack looks vs. hoverboard or phone fires is the result of some of the safety engineering work we do. The V2 battery uses the same lithium cells and protection system architecture as all previous boards, so we don’t expect a difference in safety performance between V1 and V2 boards.

Thanks for the support and stay tuned for more.


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