Vacuum Formed Enclosures $50/ea + Free US Shipping! DM Me for Int'l Shipping!


I recently made my own vacuum formed enclosures and I wanted to see if anyone else was interested in having me make an enclosure for them.

PayPal: [email protected]

If you send me money using Goods & Services on PayPal please send an additional $3 to cover fees.

The current options I have are listed below, but I can make new molds so please let me know what molds you would like to see next! All I need is a deck to sacrifice so I can make it into a mold, however I can make a mold for a flat deck just by using plywood.

Concave Double Stack Enclosure 19"5.5"x1.5" Interior Dimensions 8"x22"x2" External Dimensions


38 Switchblade Double Stack Enclosure 19"x5.5"x1.5" Interior Dimensions 8"x22"x2" External Dimensions

IMG_2950 IMG_2951 IMG_2953 IMG_2946

Flat Double Stack Enclosure 19"x5.5"x1.5" Interior Dimensions 8"x22"x2" External Dimensions Flat Single Stack Enclosure 19"x5.5"x1" Interior Dimensions 8"x22"x2" External Dimensions Mini Double Stack Enclosure 10"x5.5"x1.5" Interior Dimensions 8"x13"x2" External Dimensions (No pictures of these three enclosure yet, but I already have the molds made and they will look very similar to the others just with different dimensions.


The double stack enclosures call all easily fit a 12s5p battery, BMS and 2 FOCBoxes while the flat enclosure can fit a 12s4p battery, BMS and 2 FOCBoxes.

The material used is 1/8" thick ABS plastic. I formed them using in a shop using a high quality vacuum forming table and I cut them out using a band saw before sanding the edges with a stationary disk sander. I chose the Robot and Switchblade for my first molds because the 38 Switchblade is my favorite eSkate deck and I had a spare Robot deck lying around that is perfect for any generic concave deck.

56174640514__9B55A2DD-4EF4-497D-8512-E393468402E7 56174724717__5E6F37B3-AD76-4CA3-B71E-F57F4BDA5102


This looks amazing.

Can you show a picture of the enclosure with your favorite esk8 deck?;

I actually just had to order a new deck. It comes Tuesday! I’ll post a picture as soon as I mount it.

Can you make one for an MBS deck?

If I could get my hands on a MBS deck then yes. I don’t own any myself.

Planning for Tayto + motor leads cover ?

I could make u a paper template and mail it if that wpuld help

I use PG7 cable glands for waterproofing around motor leads. Should be 100% splash proof with gaskets.

Well I need to be able to cut out the deck and make a mold out of it like this. IMG_2898 I then cut off either end so it can fit on the vac table.

ahh, well if u happen across one, I got mine brand new in the plastic for 30$ off letgo

honestly bought it for the bindings alone (~50-60 $ alone) But I Fell In Love With the board and dropped money on some matrix 2, rockstar 2 rims and spare tubes

image image

Message me a link if you find any good deals!

Letgo is a local thing, download the app

Mercari is the one that ships tho

Can you do custom enclosures as well.

Certainly! DM me what you are looking for.

Ok when I get the dimensions soon I will let you know. Thank

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