Validate my settings as correct

Hi, so i just setup my vesc and I think i got it right but i just wanna make sure with you guys before i do anything more, I have a tourqeboards VESC, (single) 6374 and 10s4p 30q. Running sensorless.

the “cells” in voltage tab says 10, removed 0 by accident.

You probably won’t hit erpm limit but 60k/-60k is your vesc limit. If there is a check mark for limit erpm with negative torque make sure that is not checked. Your battery min can go up to -16 for single motor which will be good. You can probably up your motor Max and min to 70 each. Your vesc will be the limiting factor I think. I personally if I went single would set a temp cutoff start at 70c and 90c end. But that’s just what I would do. I’ve never ran single.

Ok, will try your recommendation, yes i’ve read on other topics about the negative torque but cannot find it in vesc tool, so i suppose they don’t have it anymore?

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I don’t use that version so I’m not sure.