Value Build | Blank Maple Deck | Caliber | TB 6355 190KV | HK Mount | 10S | DIYELECTRIC VESC

Edit: My shot at a board that is budget friendly while still being able to handle small gradients, daily cruising around town, and having some of the “extra” features for ease of use. A value build.

Realized I’m gonna be using this board on some small hills and that expanding my original budget of about $350 to about $450 makes my build more reliable and adds a bunch of awesome extra features such as smooth starts from standstill (sensored motor), ability to monitor vesc using an app, ~3 more miles of range (10s), ~5 more mph top speed (due to more battery cells), not having to worry about small gradients or hot weather (more efficient and higher torque motor), not having to solder on plugs for the battery and motor connections to the vesc.


Original: Hey guys! I’m looking to build a board to cruise around suburbia this summer. I have a complete (I think) parts list ready to go, just wanted to run it by you guys as I’m new to this. Any suggestions? Am I missing anything? I’ll probably add a BMS later on. I have specific questions at the bottom of the post too.

Deck: top mount maple blank

Wheels: 83mm flywheel clones

Trucks: Caliber Cal II

Motor: Turnigy SK3 6364-213KV


Motor Mount:

Battery: 6S (2x 3S)

Battery Charger:

Pulley Kit: 16:36 pulley ratio 12mm belt


Voltage Indicator:

To connect batteries in series:

To connect battery to ESC:

To connect battery to charger:

I forgot what this is for but I remember needing it. Any ideas?

*Would building my own deck out of maple be a better idea? *Does that voltage indicator work with my battery setup? *Will the battery charger I have listed keep the batteries balanced? Is there a certain way I need to charge the batteries? *Do I need to get a soldering kit to build this?

Thanks for taking the time to help! Enjoy the day :slight_smile:

Search 10char

Buy this esc instead of the FVT 120A: FLIPSKY FSESC 50A

For the batteries, buy 3 to make a 9S battery or it should be better to buy 2 x 5S battery to make a 10S battery.

Motor mount is good enough.

I should go for another remote because I think that’s the one which is very unreliable. Buy this:

Also buy another motor if you go for 10S, you need a lower kv-motor like 120-190kv depending on the speed you want.

SK3 or SK8 series are good, but the SK8 versions are maybe a bit better for esk8.

You can calculate the speed with this calculator and search a good kv-motor value:


That ESC can only handle 50A is that enough?

I’m trying to make the initial build as cheap as possible, so I think I’ll stick to 6S and just add another 3S in the future. I’ll stick to one motor as well.

I see that the sk8 motors are sensored. Will this draw more power, especially if I stick to 6S?

If I’m doing one motor, 213KV seemed to be a good balance of torque and speed with a 16:36 pulley ratio.

Thanks for taking the time to help man!

It’s your choice but that 120A crappy esc will be destroyed in a couple of runs and they will pull so much amps out of your Lipo that they will get puffed/unbalanced.

Those car esc’s are just not used anymore in builds at this moment, because vescs are getting so cheap and they are also cheap hobbywing esc’s which work so much better and are designed for esk8.

50A on 10S is like 1500W so that’s not bad at all.

Using a 10S battery (so 2 x 5S batteries in series) will be much more efficient because you need to pull less amps for the same power and this will be so much better for your lipo’s.

I not made my previous post for fun, I should really take a look at the products I mentioned to make a much better controlled build, and I’m sure the final price of your build will be around the same.

Also check shaft length on them motors if you buy hobby king… the non skate ones are short as shit

Well I hate to be the annoying sales man but…I am going to be the annoying salesman

I sell budget motor mounts with good reviews :smiley:

The hobbyking one you linked is a hit or miss. Mine start at $15 and are made for caliber II

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Ok I bought the Flipsky Vesc along with the remote you recommended!

I’m leaning towards doing 9S because I like that the 3S packs are slimmer. When I charge them, do I need to do each one individually, so in this case I would need to charge 3 separate times?

Could either of these motors work? This one seems like it could be a good sk8 alternative?

Also, I want a board that goes about 21mph max. So I’m looking for whatever is the minimum/cheapest to buy to achieve this.

Also I’m looking to get about 5mi of range. Does the 50A Flipsky Vesc, 6S battery, and 200kv motor do that with a top speed of 21mph? Would there be enough torque?

9S will be better, you can charge them seperate or buy a parallel charging dock to charge them at the same time.

If you want a cheap and good motor which fits on the motormount from hobbyking buy this one (because I don’t know if the motors from banggood will fit, they have other mounting holes) :

With the 9S battery and 190kV motor you will be able to go around 23mph and I guess around 7miles.

The motor you sent is out of stock. I decided I want to use a sensored motor for smooth startup. How does this one look? Any other 190kv sensored motor recommendations for cheap? I haven’t heard great things about sk8 motors.

Also thinking 3 of these for 9S

That looks like a good motor

I think those batteries must be fine.

Ok I’m just about set. Last two things to figure out…

Because I’m doing 9S, a 2 series harness off of hobbyking won’t work. How could I put 3 batteries in series?

Also not sure what the best battery indicator/ voltmeter would be to get. Ideally something I can mount on the board to tell how much battery I have left.

Good luck with the build :slight_smile:

I’m curious about this. Also looking to do a budget build myself. Last time I tinkered with RC was nitro cars and brushed 480s ECT and then ditched RC to ride downhill.

What sort of hill gradient would this setup be able to tackle with a 85kg rider?


I should get 7-8Nm of torque but I’m not sure how that translates to hill gradients




Motor: https:///products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv –with vesc sensor wires and servo wire addons

VESC: https:///products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller There are cheaper options but this is the cheapest VESC and motor combination I found that doesn’t require soldering since I don’t have a soldering kit. Getting and using one wouldn’t be too expensive or difficult, I’m just trying to keep things as simple as possible.

Batteries: Using 2 in series for 10S.

To connect in series:

Charger: –decided not to go with parallel charging as I would have to check to make sure cells are balanced

To charge batteries one at a time:


Also picked up an HM-10 chip so that I could connect the VESC to my phone to use with apps!

Not sure either :slight_smile: I’m here to learn. Will be following this with great interest.

From my downhill days, a cheap set of zealous or similar bearings are worth their weight. Either order the wheels you have in mind without them or keep them for spares.

The inbuilt spacers and longevity of them are fantastic! (Not sure if any guys have thoughts otherwise)

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You can get a cheaper and new vesc for 50$ you just need to look around .news, infact if you get all used parts you can make a decent build over 25mph

I opted for the one from diyelectric along with their motor because I can connect the two without any soldering

They ship it un soldered, they do include bullet pins. I suggest getting a soldering iron if you are doing diy

Edit: they shipped mine unsoldered, but in the pic it shows it’s soldered