Vanda VESC help!

Ok so I should be getting 2 custom Vanda VESC in a few days. Few questions…

  1. Can one Vanda VESC power 2 motors?
  2. Can one remote run two Vanda VESCs?
  3. How do I program the Vanda VESC on a Samsung Chromebook? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me Esk8 Screenshot_20190303-092706 community.

1.) No. You need a motor controller for each motor.

2.) Yes if you configure through canbus or use a ppm splitter.

3.) I know nothing about chrome books.

  1. 1 ESC per motor. So dual motor requires 2 ESC’s
  2. 1 Remote can control 2 ESC’s when the ESC’s are connected to each other with a CANBUS cable
  3. I’m not sure about this one.

Twinning… Haha

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Ok how about for a regular windowsPC or mac

Yes. You can go here and get all the info/tutorials for programming the vesc’s.

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Thanks everyone for the quick response

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Lol I did but sifting through so much I just decided to ask

Am curious, at that price point, wouldn’t a Focbox Unity be better?

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No reason actually I was going to buy both to see the difference myself but money ran a lil short this month. I was also looking at the trampas so maybe I can get both next round. I have an “any mini miny moe” type attitude when I can’t choose. All the reviews seemed good for all three.

in my direct experience, Vanda is not a solid ESC

Better off saving and getting a Unity or picking up an Ollins ESC or focbox if a single ESC is what you’re going to do right now.

Since there is an noticible learning curve spend some time learning about what you’re going to do before you do it

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Im a very hands on learner so for my first VESC experience it didn’t matter much which one. plus I plan on picking up the more expensive ones later but if I fry an $110 vesc vs $245 hopefully I won’t but also 9/10 reviews from this community said their Vanda is still running strong. This is my first build ever so hopefully I’ll learn some stuff for the next