Vanguard clone | 90 mm wheels | 10s5p | caliber trucks | 6354 190 kv | 3d printed

I want to rebuild my first board witch was a kit from Old motors broke down. Lost more and more torque for unknown reason…

What i currently have:

What i have ordered:

15009890350 15241574340

Im aiming on a fast board, also want some flex and i know the clone deck have atleast decent flex. I know you will recommend VESC and i know they are really good, but they also cost more and i already have 2x ESC from old build. Im very happy with the 3d prints witch i will reinorce with EPOXY and fibreglass.

What do you think of the griptape? wanted a backfire kinda feel with different griptape but idk might look weird. Also blue is not my favorite color but the parts happened to be blue so. Also what do you think of the motor mounts?

That mount will not fit unless it’s a caliber version looks like you got the rounded version from the pic.

Yeah that gets a second from me too, make sure you have the right mounts from Dickyho. At the moment it looks those are the mounts for the paris trucks.

And lol it looks like you’re using the enclosure I designed! Also, since you’re rocking a clone deck it might not fit perfectly so make sure you have some neoprene foam stripping to seal the enclosure against the deck.