Vanguard volcano climber e-board


Hi all!

I’m think about the design for my first e-board so thought I’d post here toget some opinions and ideas. I have a few boards to do it with, I’m thinking the vanguard, the lush kisiwa is too big and heavy to be practical, and the smallest one is too short. I’m hoping to use this board on my commute, which involves crossing the top of a volcano (no joke) so it has to able to handle the occasional incline. I’m also not the skinniest of guys at 100kg.

I have:

70mm wheels but they don’t have plastic cores so I think I’ll get a set of 83mm oragutang Kegels.

180mm trucks, I could steal 200mms from my kisiwa if I need to go wider.

I don’t have: Motors (I think I’ll need dual, to get up these hills and move my weight) I’m looking at Alien6355 outrunner 190kv 2200w - is this a good choice for what I need?

Also from alien: 32T-HTD5 HUB DRIVE PULLEY 15T-HTD5 motor pulley, 10mm bore, 3mm keyway 265mm-HTD5 9mm belt Motor mount

Dual vescs - hopefully these are easy to program, is there a difference between the ones from enertion and the ones I can see on Amazon?

I’m not sure about batteries yet, or a bms, but I done my calculations based on 36 volts - any help in this department would be appreciated. I want a decent range, I don’t mind carrying a few heavy batteries around.

Let me know what you think, no doubt I’ll make a few changes before I order anything!


Que the tumble weeds! I guess I’ll just buy some things and hope it works out!

Hey looks like your post must have slipped through the cracks. A stiff deck will make things a lot easier You’ll want dual 6355 motors to haul you up inclines. Enertion vescs are ok, and the new vesc-x are new and supposedly More reliable. You can also look at vescs from ollinboards not sure if alien boards sell vescs. You’ll need either 80 mm Kegels or 83/90/97mm flywheel/flywheel clones. Caliber or caliber clone trucks make mounting easier. If you can afford lithium ion batteries, a 10s 4p pack is usually the standard, and I assume you live in the uk or Europe if you’re ordering from alien. Enertion may have a Distributor near you

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