Vecs6 alternative

Does anyone have experience with the Ubox v2 100V 200A dual motor controller? I have been talking to a guy who was running the motors i want, flipsky 63100s through that esc instead of duel vesc6s. He said he ran it for a couple years with no issues. I use past tense because he ate it real bad and snapped his deck. I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about it or the company that makes it? It seems like a good alternative as far as i can tell.

I still do not know if they ever fixed that voltage issue where it fries after high voltage spikes. I would look more at the stormcore if you’re going that high. I can’t say that the makerx D series would also work since i haven’t gotten a test drive with it.

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I will look into it. Thank you.

Do you know if the stormcire works with the vesc app?

I believe it has its own app. But i believe it also works on vesc tools.

I’m not 100% since i don’t own one.

Edit: it works on both. But it has its own app.

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That’s good to know. I have done some looking into it and i will more then likely go with it.