Vector | Custom Deck | Custom 10s 5p li-ion (Lg MJ1 cells) | Dual 6374 190kv Torque | Dual VECS 4.12 | TorqueBoard 218mm Trucks | MBS All Terain wheels | Custom Carbon Enclosure | 2,4 ghz nano remote

After a long time of JUST DREAMING here is what I am going to build :grinning:

So while I am waiting for the stuff to arrive, I alredy shaped the deck and did some honeycomp griptape design. I was lucky enough to get some MBS All terrain wheels. In the last time it was quite hard to get some of these (dont know why though) The deck it self is finished. Right now I got the caliber trucks on it, but I will change them as soon as the stuff from TorqueBoards arrives. For my battery I use the Vruzend Battery kit Because I dont have a spot welder and I dont want to solder anything to the cells (to prevent heat damage) I can really recoment this kit! Color coded and easy to assemble. check it out! My battery is slightly overkill with 17,5 kwh lol With this set up I could change to 12s 4p as well if I want too.

My drive train will be with an 40t to 14t gearing. Will give me arround 40kmh or 25mph But I bought as well a 16t pulley to increase the speed.
Enough torque should be no problem. So it would give me arround 48kmh or 30mph Hopefully :grin: Cant wait to assable everything!

Here my parts list: If you notice anything that doesnt work please let me know :wink: 50x 18650 Lg Mj1 cells 10s5p Vruzend Battry kit BMS Vruzend 36v 10s | Max discharge: 40A | Max charging: 15A | 36V charger 5A Electric Bike Solutions XCSOURCE Battery indicator Dual 6374 Torque motor Dual Vesc 4.21 On Off switch from AlienPowerSystem 2,4 ghz nano remote Torque 218mm Torque trucks MBS All Treain wheels Super Reds Bones bearings Torque motor mount 40t 14t |16t pulleys Torque Timing Belts 265mm HDT5 12mm wide Carbonfiber (honeycomp) +Epoxi Headlamp (alienscout) and red back light (for bikes) +Velcro

I spent 1750euro in total fuuuuu… but worth it ! lots of shipping cost though.

The Deck shaping Carved some nice curvature into the deck for more grip. I wanted the bottom to stay flat, for easy mounting of the elecronics and enclosure.


<img src=“” width=“374” height=“499”>

Finished the griptape design and assembled the trucks (here still the calibers) Put some wooden spacers and shockpads under the trucks for more clearance. I attached the lights with velcro. Easy to demontage for battery charge. Already went out for a ride. Amazing board! Real Tank! Maybe I will lower it a bit for a more comfortable ride.


Here is my positive form for the carbon mold.


I want to spray pait this on my carbon enclosure with dark orange.


Update? How’d the Vruzend battery kit work out?

yeah… the vruzend battery kit … first of all i got a new kit, for free, with stronger and more flexible materials because some of the caps used to crack when putting on the cells. this only happend when i was working in cold tempratures (colder than room temperature) when i heated them up a little (with a hairdrayer), i had no problems at all. So if you would buy a kit now, you would not have any problems with that, because they impoved the materials. Basically it works very nice. The assembling goes easy and they fit super snug arround the cells. as well it is super easy to do the connections (the color coding helps a lot) i had not connetion issues with the cabs what so ever

after realising that the low current flow capacity of the caps (3.5 A continuous per cell and Current bursts of up to 7 A for 15 seconds ), are limiting my ability to do surtain settings while programming the Vesc (for example battery max to name one) …i decided to not use them.

so the peack current flows or the continues high amp flows in surtain settings, that i wanted to try, could ruin the caps, even though i went with 5 cells in paralel. I felt like beeing limited on low settlings and not getting all the potential speed and torque my settup could deal with…

In general i feel like that i should use materials like copper with less resistance in my battery conections, to achieve less heat on the cells even in long rides.

yeah and now i have bought a spot welder, some premium nickel and some copper to solder on top … :sweat_smile: cant get arround that … i have now some improvments in space under the board which is very nice because i did in fact a new board :joy: :sweat_smile: it has a smaller distance between the axes for an smaler turning circle, so i dont have so much space now. and it is a drop through deck. i made it thicker than the last one, because i had some flex on the board which coused me some trouble … I redesinged my battery cover, it is one peace now and muuuuuch more thin, because i dont stack the cells over each other.

so yeaah i would not recomend using them, if you want to do a strong settup where your are riding long time and facing a lot of hills … because i think they are not meant for this. if you are going higher than 6p l think you should be fine as well, but anything bellow :-1:

I could have figured that out before buying the kit but I will use them for a different project so no waist here … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i have done some more changes in my build and soon i will upload more content about the progress … because thats what it is, a loooong progress :wink:


I made a new deck :sweat_smile: Because I had to much flex on the last. It has a different shape and 4 more layers of plywood. It is a littlle shorter that the last one, to improve my turning circle. I made a dropthrough deck, to make it more safe to ride on high speed. Resulting in less ground clearance, so I had to reverse the motormounts. I coud not find any mounts that would fit my desired length. So I bought some aluminum (EN AW 7075) and made a diy mount. They have still to be painted black. And I am still using the mountingplate for the axes (torqueboard).

On cybermonday I saw my chance to upgrade from Vesc to Foxbox and from the torqueboard nano remote to the enertion nano-x. So now i feel comfortable to run my board in Foc. :sunglasses: and than realising that the foxbox has different bullet conectors and xt60 instead of xt90 … so some more stuff to buy … :expressionless:

As well I abondend my Caliber trucks and went instead with the Caliber closes, which it is such an improvment! Feels a lot better to ride now, especially at high speed! :heart_eyes:

Still a lot work to do, and some more stuff to buy, but I am getting there!:pray:

Special thanks to @Eboosted your Darth Maul build is my favorite so far and you inspired me to do some changes on my board. :pray::+1: Thanks a lot dude!

Griptape design has still to come, as well as the clearcoat for the deck.


So here we go! I finaly managed to finish the board :hugs: here some pictures: IMG_20180619_184538IMG_20180620_004616IMG_20180624_131827IMG_20180624_135717IMG_20180624_152418IMG_20180624_175736 Triple layerd the parralel conetions with 0.15 pure nickel and doubled the series with some 10 awg silicon wire. The build of the battery was a real adventure. Testing and trying differend settings with the spot welder. And I learned how to solder! First time ever having to deal with electronics :wink:

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IMG_20180704_134954IMG_20180705_075923IMG_20180705_204622 My enclosure: 4 layers of carbon fabric (250g/m²) with honeycomb design. IMG_20180710_163254IMG_20180710_163314IMG_20180710_193906 IMG_20180713_134657|666x500IMG_20180713_134804IMG_20180713_134825IMG_20180713_134844IMG_20180713_135011 IMG_20180713_134120

I am very happy how my first build turned out!
Yesterday I went for the first ride and it is amazing !




Looks amazing, just be careful with the case…carbon fibre is conductive

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It looks like you can even put 2 handles like Raptor2 :slight_smile:

:thinking: didnt know this, but i did some proper isolation in between all the electronic and the case. Thanks man :slight_smile:

Handles would be practical,:thinking: but i dont like the look of it. And difficult to attache properly.

Good proyect¡