Vedder Anti-Spark Switch (BUILD LOG)

I was using 275C-300C so I think I should be good

And if I do a video I’ll probably get bashed for my cringe 14 year old voice :joy:

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you may be only 14, but you are a rockstar who’s building his own Anti-spark switches! Kudos man!!

Plenty of folks don’t even try or ham fist it (i killed a couple FETs…).

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Thanks man! I’ll try and shoot a video today if I have time. I’m almost finished my Bro’s board so that’s first priority.

According to some pictures, the bottom switch pad is GND, middle is VCC and top is the switch one? Is this correct? @chaka @sl33py @DeathCookies

That doesn’t really help me. What do they stand for?

Great work Lox, for your sake and mine I hope these work out :grin:

a 3 position switch - as i understand it:

NO - normally open. So if you push the switch it will turn off. It’s common state is on. C - common? NC - normally closed. So if you flip the switch it will turn on. Normal state is off.

my .02 and possibly close but not quite right…

i think i got it right - watched this same vid a while back. just a few minutes long and hope it helps:



There is nor VCC or GND on these pads. They are for a STDP switch which has a channel that is normally closed and one that is normally open (just like @sl33py said. The backside should also have a schematic showing this.

Nevermind, I just guessed and it worked first try :sunglasses:

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Zener Diode started smoking. It looked burnt even before I powered it on. I’ll try the other ones tomorrow. Xt90 loop key for now :neutral_face:

That is why you should not just guess and assume it worked. The labels are there for a reason…

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What sleepy said, :grin:

Strange that you got a smoking diode?

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Yea, because even if you reversed the polarity of the Z diode, the current gets limited by the 1Mohm resistor in serial. Very strange

Agreed. I would definitely make sure your other switches have the zenner setup correctly - the perpendicular/horizontal line is at the top iirc. (just see the surrounding layer mask/ink showing the small double line = at the top).

Anything else burnt or swapping the diode fixed?

Well, I’m sorry. It was working fine with my 3s battery and nothing was smoking. As soon as I did the 12s battery, boom.

I’m not 100% sure it was the diode, I unplugged it and guessed where the smoke was coming from. Don’t want to plug it back in. @sl33py @chaka @goldenHusky I can provide pictures if needed. I’m probably just shit at SMD soldering and screwed something up

Polarity was right on the Zener diodes. Diode Line on the silkscreen line

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