Vedder anti spark switch v1.3 *KIT* [currently out of stock]

Here we go :smiley: Bought the wrong switch, so here is a picture without one


Updated the first post: Added the matching soft-switch to the KIT for the same price of 25€ per KIT.

Now you will only need some wires and your system-matching plugs :wink:

Still some left.

Woul like one, paypal?

pm sent. :slight_smile:

Super lame - see i was actually in DeathCookies’ thread. Sorry dude! Not trying to poach…

Get another batch :blush:

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am I to late :frowning: ???

If you happen to get more please contact me thanks

Disregard - thought i was in my “kit” thread. Sorry DeathCookies!

@susplus @Mox I still have some left!

@sl33py no problem

Great…how can i put my hands on one :slight_smile:

I prefer pm :wink:

I can use any switch with this right?

Unfortuneatly not. It has to be a On/Off/On switch. You will get in this kit 3 of these working switches :wink:

Alright, i will come back to you when my build is ready for ordering :wink:

Too late? Could be interested… :smile:

Actually you are not too late. Nearly. I just have some but some “interessted” people too :wink: Everybody who wants one should hurry up :smiley: pm’ed you

received . Danke :slight_smile:

Got mine the other day, just got around to soldering it together tonight. Didn’t have any XT60’s lying around but it’s basically done. Quick shopping and easy communication the whole time.

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Hi, is there any chance that there is still one available? I’m new to this forum but have done a solid week or so of research and think this is well worth having.

Edit: I would pm you but I don’t actually know how to…yet :grin: