Vedder anti spark switch v1.3 *KIT* [currently out of stock]

Hey folks, I wanted to build myself a vedder anti spark switch to save some money. So i decided to buy a few more of the components which i will sell. Please keep in mind that i am selling a KIT not a finished product!

Vedder anti spark switch github

The kit i am offering includes the following components: R1, R2, C1, D2, Q1, Q2, PCB, 3x soft switches and 2x fuses (40A / 58V)

To build a switch yourself you will need this kit + soldering skills (smd soldering for the mosfets) + wires + plugs. I assume you will have everything to build one yourself.

The result would looks like this:

You can use another switch than the given one! You can use any Rocker Switch. E.G. you could use such a LED push switch: Attention: There are different ways to illuminate the switch when powering the board. E.G. use a BEC attached after the vedder switch to illuminate the softswitch. But if you do not want an external power supply you can buy an “illuminated rocker switch”. Generally they are not as nice looking as the normal led push button but it will work out of the box! Wiring push button: Normally there are 5 pins: C, NC, NO, +, - Ignore + and -. These are for the LED only.

I am offering this KIT for 25€ + shipping. I am located in germany but DHL says on their site that it does not matter in which country i will send them, the price will always be the same: 3,70€ + 2,50€ insurance/tracking. :slight_smile:

Somebody else has not the possibilty to solder the two MOSFETS on the PCB. Without an smd solder it is actually hard… So i will offer to solder the mosfets on the PCB for additional 3€ that you only need to solder the other components (which can be made with a normal solder iron)

If you buy more than one kit the shipping cost will be the same because the components are not big and will fit in a letter no matter how much.

NON EU-Customers: If you want me to declare the package with a lower price (because of custom fees) the insurance will just cover the lower declared price in case of loosing the parcel on the way…

If you have interest just write a nice PM :wink:


This is a great option for folks in Europe! I did the same and sold extra’s (donating to Vedder some of the profit) and the only downside was cost to ship international is spendy!

A word of caution for those who get any kit - SMD soldering is not the same as regular soldering. You will want a hot-air rework setup ideally, or look at reflow via oven or even “skillet” (google it). Then you can solder the cables, fuse, etc. But those small components can be fiddly if you haven’t done SMD soldering before. not actually that hard - but look before you leap! (not trying to put a damper on your sale @DeathCookies)

GL w/ your extras!

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You are totally correct. I will edit my post but for everything except the mosfets you wont neet smd soldering :wink:

Edited the first post

Is the picture of the final switch what you soldered? The traces of the mosfets are okay all bunched together like that?

Yes, that is the one i have soldered myself.

Only the left pin of both mosfets need to be seperated from the other pins! You can see in the plot of the switch that only the trace of the left pin goes somewhere else and the other pins go to the big trace down :wink:

PS: i have tested my switch and it works flawlessly with 12S :slight_smile:

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Oh good. I bought the same kit before and thought I screwed up bad when the traces melted together!. I’ll go ahead and test it then.

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I’ve made one myself, I did managed to get everything soldered with a regular iron, just took a little time and patience :relaxed: Could use a spare though!

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I am regularly updating my first post. If there is something wrong or if i missed something please tell me :wink:

What do you mean by that?

I do have

Here is the datasheet It is rated to 80A for 5 seconds (if i am not mistaken?)

Sorry, wrong thread.

i will take one with the mosfets pre-soldered.

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Received mine! All soldered up ready to be wrapped and good to go!

Just wanted to say a big thanks to @DeathCookies for the kit, the pre-soldered fets made my life a lot easier when putting it together. Great communication when going through the sale also! Would definitely recommend grabbing one of these kits if you are looking for a switch and don’t mind a little bit of soldering (it’s pretty fun anyway).


Awesome job with the bullet connectors especially the heatshrink!

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Just bought one of these kits yesterday. DeathCookies was really responsive, he even sent me pictures of the presoldered mosfets and documented my order. Today i received tracking information. That is some awesome service :smiley: I am reallly looking forward to solder the kit. As soon as it arrives, I am going to post some pictures of the finished pcb. I would buy from Daniel again. :slight_smile:

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Looking forward for the pictures :slight_smile:

ordered mine and received everything very promptly. DeathCookies is the man! fets pre-soldered for ease. will post a pic when i get the time to solder it up. if you want great service this is the kit for you. DeathCookies spent a ton of time bouncing ideas back and forth and explaining the process. buy em up boys you wont be disappointed.

is it possible to go with a higher rated fuse with that switch? Does someone knows the current limits?

because it would be cool to use that with low V - high A systems also.

with a imaxx mdp fuse for example:

Current limit of the mosfets is 240A. Someone already had the idea to solder the fuse two times (in parallel) to double the current.

Actually i am sending every one two fuses so you should get 80A if i am not mistaken.

good to know thx :slight_smile:

hmm interesting concept… it´s possible but you have to take care that both cables and everything has the same length, to avoid any differences in load. I´d prefer a single fuse to be safe :monkey: