Vedder Anti-Spark switches for sale (from 18€)

  • ready to use Switch (with XT60 or XT90; 40A fuse; heat shrink tube; 10AWG wire; on/off switch) - 25€ / 30$ + shipping
  • PCB with soldered SMD components - 18€ / 21.5$ + shipping
  • other option / bulk price - PM me

shipping to EU/USA ~ 5€

the components that are used:


Where are you shipping from?

from Russia

What FETS are you using?

all components are from Vedders BOM (IRFS7530TRL7PP)

gotcha. just FYI these are solid at 10S but at 12S they will give you issues unless you upgrade the FETs.

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thanks for info. for 12s users I can change IRFS7530 to IRFS7730 for free :slight_smile:

are you building these by hand? If so, that’s a nice upgrade to do on request, but the price difference on bulk orders may not be worth it to keep doing the 60v ones once you run out.

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yes, I build this by hand (air flow soldering station + heated bed)

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Are you still making these to sell?



Hey guys if you rate the mosfet for 14s will the switch run on 12s better or cooler? Or will it limit current

better - maybe. cooler - no. switch with IRFS7530 will be cooler that IRFS7730 at the same current.

What do you mean, so what I’m saying is I have 12s and want to upgrade to 14s in the future can I make one switch for both

Does anyone know if the fuse blows if you pull 50A or 60A for short periods (5-10 secs)?

yes, you can.

Thanks @eLDoska that is really helpful. So you could pull 54A continuously for 30 minutes, that’s a very long time. I think I’ll increase min per vesc to 25A… that should give me 50A in total and that only for a few seconds when accelerating hard.

What do you mean by this?

can i change the switch?