Vedder sparkswitch 25$ chaka's revision

Selling completely surface mount soldered sparkswitches. You only need a button/ switch and a fuse (if you chose to use one). add your own wires last time to many people wanted something special. 2$ us shipping 5$ Europe. 50 Available will ship instantly. I can add awg10 wires (non silicone) to both sides if you wish. I have 5 led pushbuttons left and can add them to the switches for 3$.The flip switch would be 1$

Trying to get more $$$ for motormounts so I’m pricing to move. 1 per Switch 25$ 2 per Switch 23$ 5 per switch 20$ 10 per switch 18$


Just curious, what is the heated bed for?

Preheat the bottom of the pcb’s to reduce the heatstress on the fets from the heatgun.


Was this made with the 2oz copper? Does this have the 75V IRFS7730-7?

Most likely not - Vedder’s BOM lists the IRFS7530TRL7PP.

You’d need to ask the experts if it’s as simple as swapping in the higher voltage 7730 you mention. There may be other components you need to replace as well to make this worthwhile?

I’ve seen some go to 3 FETs as insurance to make them more durable if you are pushing the higher voltages.


Its 2oz copper and the 60v mosfet.

“I’ve seen some go to 3 FETs” Where?..

Whats the cost without the fet’s? I need the 75V’s and that another 16 bucks for me. I’m pushing 14S @ 30A and the fet you are using is rated for 12S 30A.

@RootedSuperuser If you’re pushing 14s then these are still fine, fully charged 14s is 58.8V which is only right after charging that being said I still can make you one with everything but the mosfets for 12$. You could always use 2 if you’re unsure.

“I still can make you one with everything but the mosfets for 12$” YES, I have a TESLA module from a 90D showing up tomorrow and need this for the battery build. I will PM you and go from there with my personal email. I do not trust public forum servers for security reasons. Lets get rocknin on this…

Oooo. Are you making like a gigantic pack? Those Tesla cells have like 10A continuous discharge ratings.

I politely disagree or maybe better raise this as borderline possible.

I’ve heard of users who had theirs fail at 12s, and 14s likely will exceed… But though i’ve reflowed some v1.3 Vedder anti-spark switches (i sent Ben 1/2 of all profits and helped purchased a reflow oven w/ my part), i’m no EE. So i defer to the experts.

I saw a github w/ a triple FET when searching for Vedder’s BOM to clarify the FET used. THey are out there, but not sure if anyone here is selling “kits” or spare PCB’s.

Having sold some “kits” - unsoldered… I’d caution folks who aren’t familiar with SMD soldering (reflow oven/skillet or hot-air) to not try. Ham-handed soldering this with an iron will not work well. My experience, but only my .02 and opinion. You may be an expert w/ a solder iron and perfectly able…

444 Cells in 1x 90D module. TESLA NCA chemistry, same/similar discharge curve to the Sanyo NCR18650GA cell and amp range @ 3550mAh. The big difference is TESLA has a 2000 duty cycle and Panasonic/Sanyo cells (B/GA) have a 500 charge/discharge duty cycle. But that all depends on how you treat your cells. I’m building 2 packs, 14S6P for me, and 20S8P. The 20x8 will use a golf cart solenoid, it will go onto a stretch cruiser, Edge 1500W hub.

Yes, I can reflow. I’ve spent 1 week + researching this item, I haven’t found ANY 3 fet units. LINK? Also, Emery paper glued onto a very flat surface, or using a diamond sharpening stone, flatten out both fet surface’s, use Thermal Adhesive to apply a Heat Spreader. A build upgrad may even include a DC fan when turned on, such as some BEC’s have.

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Nice! I’m an old school IT guy and have lapped a CPU a time or three to improve cooling (Air and Water - never went dry ice or immersion cooling).

I had a buddy send me a triple FET he was developing - as yet untested since i’ve been working and not playing w/ esk8 as much as i’d like. I have one more to reflow for him. Let me see where my spare is at. Maybe i could send it to you to torture test at 14s? I’ll shoot you a PM. This is not to sell it (there are 2…), and not trying to step on Shogu12’s toes!

I’m already looking at 25mm cooling fans with heat spreaders. Ya, I’ll give it a go, PM me. I’ll take a unit from Shogu12 as well, as a BU.

And now the teardown and rebuilding begins.

444 cells / 3 banks = 148 x 3.5v = 518 Volts, 30 Amps nom, 60 Amps Peak. There are 16 of these in 1 pod. for a total of 900 Volts, 400 Amps. The - and + are unprotected, Anyone up for a dare?

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I envy you honestly. I did the same thing with 8 segway batteries but they were a pain in my ass.

I wouldn’t leave that much power sitting on my kitchen countertop if I were you!

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throw some copper over that for protection!

(No pls don´t do that :smiley:)

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