Vedder's VESC 6.0

Vedder released the first images yesterday! The new version is a 2 piece design with Direct Fets and heat sink. This unit also use the DRV8301 since TI seems to be phasing out the 8302 on the original VESC. Ben has put a lot of effort into making a more robust design and it should also work on a wider range of motors. This version will have a much higher constant current rating virtually ending the overheating issues faced with the older modules.

Vedder should begin testing in a couple of weeks. Lets all wish him luck and if you can, send him a little support. :wink:


Do you think it is possible to solder the directFET with regular hot air gun or do you need a reflow oven ?

I think so, I don’t expect it to be anymore difficult than soldering the DRV chip. You would want to use a stencil and solder paste for accuracy.

And the 2000 Vesc that enertion ordered will soon be obsolete… lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Good to know !! I have not yet started to solder my V4 VESC though.

what are the advantages of this version over the last version???

This version will likely need +/- 3months to be anywhere near usable for “normal” People in the most optimal case ( judged by Experience ). Software needs to change and PCB routing looks far from ideal.

Be sure to practice on some scrap electronics. Quick tip, you can use a tantalum capacitor to see if you get things too hot. They will darken or turn brown if they get too hot. A good visual aid when dialing in your hot air temps.

@ecuadorche The new version uses direct fets. Direct fets work better in high current applications. They are a little harder to solder by hand which is why the original used the common style of mosfet.

@JTAG Yeah, it will be a little while. Vedder stated he will be doing some rerouting of the ki-cad files but will be ordering parts within a week. Don’t hate on us ki-cad users :wink: Plus this is not a completely new design, I highly doubt it will take Vedder that long to work it out.


3 months in the past??? AWESOME!!! :grin:


Yeah man!! Time travel is genius ^^.


PCB routing looks far from ideal.

Care to explain? Obviously there are a few things that have yet to be routed but I am having trouble seeing what you are referencing. This version is much less crowded than the previous versions. This would be useful information for others designing their own electronics.

@chaka So when can we throw our money at you for one of these? :grinning:

@chaka Than you for taking all of vedders great work, and applying it to make great vescs. Now…



Could it be you are referring to the first picture? There are obviously layers there that have not been routed yet on that picture but it is also obvious that would not be the final version.
All other pictures show decent routing and I doubt internal layers would be overlooked by Vedder.

I won’t speculate too much on the release of the gerber files but I know of no better way to support Vedder than building his designs to the best of our ability and sending him donations from the proceeds. You know we will be on this from day one.

Best thing to do right now is send him some $encouragement.:wink: Building these controllers in small quantities is expensive. We are a really lucky bunch to have a person as brilliant as Benjamin develop electronics for us.


Yeah u a right, it is completely unfair for me to judge in this stage, my apologies. I have the weird tendency to get goose bumps when I see PCB routing like this :stuck_out_tongue: (and get skeptical as well).

I do stil think that it will take several months before there is a usable and robust version ready for use under a skateboard.

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How could I forget to mention Vedder is designing a case for this version too! It will double as a heat sink. Basically this module will have the power of a high end car ESC with the plush throttle response we have all grown to love from the VESC.


This is awesome, can’t wait for it. Heat sink case, in metal?

Oh Snap! These are great developments! Can I pre-order V5 now? LOL :astonished: I love the idea of the heatsink/case. So is this rev change going to solve the issues with FOC? Is it going to be less finicky with 12s setups?

I am not to sure about better FOC operation but I do know it will be more robust at 12s due to some revisions to some of the larger smd capacitors.

@karma Yes, it sounds like the case will fully enclose this version.

The hub motor crowd is going to go nuts over this version!