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Vedder's VESC, Free US Shipping

Quality hardware made by OllinBoardCo. Free US shipping, $10 International.


And $120 will get you xt90 anti-spark installed too!

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I should mention we have had zero failures in the nearly 300 VESC’s we have shipped to date. Should one ever fail you can count on us to repair or replace your VESC and get you back on the road.

If this isn’t enough, we also provide full technical support to all of our customers.

I am glad we could redeem the VESC and prove it to be a reliable and robust motor controller for the eboarding community. It truly is a work of art and Vedder deserves all the praise and support we can give for his achievements.


Not sure if you read my 10s4p post, but holy crap Chaka! These things rock!

Yes sir, they do! Benjamin Vedder is officially a rock star in my opinion.


His brother Eddie had a rockin’ band too!

Looks like I will build my Pneumatic wheeled board using these!

A little update on what’s available for you DIYers. We started adding anti-spark switches to some of our customers VESC builds and here are a few photos of how we do it. They come with an auxiliary charge port and 100 amp fuse.

In the last photo you will see the added heatsink which should help if someone gets happy and toggles the power switch for an hour. We also wired these so they can be arranged in a few different configurations without any additional soldering.

If you would like the anti-spark switch added to the VESC it is an additional $60.


thats the anti spark XT90 ?

but i noticed the usb port isnt facing up ?