Venice Beach Sunset 🌅 Ride - Sponsored by Shredlights and Inboard -April 12

Wuz good Esk8 peeps!

Putting together an early evening group ride. Meet and mingle around 4pm on April 12 and skate when we all think it’s time. Hopefully the weather will be awesome.

It will be a nice chill ride by the ocean.

Inboard is still checking if they can come down and bring the Van-O-Boards down and will let me know.

Jerry at Carvon will be making a cameo appearance as well!

Hope some of you can make it out, it would be awesome to meet any of you!

Let me also add, (if not coming to ride with me wasn’t enough) I will be giving away a set of front and rear Shredlights…courtesy of Shredlights!

So, there will be a giveaway for a complete set of Shredlights (2 front lights and two rear lights - that’s a $79.98 right there!) I’ll figure out a fun way to win them!


Here’s the event on Facebook :point_down:t2:


I wish I was rich so I could fly all over to these kinds of things. FML.

P.S- @Michaelinvegas Dibs on your couch for the 2018 event. :wink:

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Bump bump LA bitches

Got the day off!! :beers:

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I’ll be there!

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@mccloed freaking takes the day off WTF!!!

I’m not that important at work.:cry:


It’s ok … ur important to me

Trying to put a board together before come out there … and bring it

I might have a Trillium prototype done by then. I’ll try 12th, otherwise next time for sure.


If you don’t I’ll have extras, like last time. I don’t know if @Titoxd10001 is gonna show, but he shouldn’t be able to blow these up as easy. :laughing:

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Most likely in

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@mccloed lol we gonna have to do the tag team push again? Lol

@Eboostin yeah baby!

I hope not. Not sure Jerry wants to do that again.

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Haha I’m trying to put my board back together so I don’t have to break anyone else’s​. Just waiting for a vesc repair so hopefully I get that back soon.

Sweet! Hope it’s delivered in time. :pray:

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Lol … man it was kinda funny that we all took turns getting you back… that was fucking team work if I ever saw it

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I’ll def have an extra board or two with me

I do have another mini board but range isn’t that much so I may have take you guys up on offer to borrow a board if I don’t get my main board working in time

I think its time to add some pitbull style tow straps to a board!

Think I can put something together with some paracord and printed handles…