Venom torque block

I saw someone on facebook selling these, there aimed at DH riders But this looks perfect for esk8 because of all the kickback you get when you hit the gas (not that I would know), what do you think about it cool interesting Or just snake oil.


It’s why I love the back drop on my Evo…

If you have room on top, why not…

I wouldn’t use it on a DH deck, as my stance is completely different, I never used to drop on my Evo when I rode it analog. But man its great for esk8


Seems like snake oil to me with regard to the original product use case not like the board is dragging you down a hill more the other way around in the regular case. For esk8 seems interesting but not sure about the comfort also personally use a kicktail (though not super often) think it might be annoying stepping down off of that.


Agreed. Not my cup-o-tea for the original use case… But for our case yessssss me likes


If you wanted to show off Hit the gas and fly I think this is a must have.

Either that or two way foot stops like I had on the Vanguard… Front and rear, wedge your feet outward against them…

Outward Sounds very strange. and I mean people wear shoes with heels so maybe its not that bad. I mean does It look like his back foot is more uncomfortable?


The vanguard dual foot stops

Is that originally for freeride? Making easer slides etc.

that looks like it can also help with the Kickback and the brake.

noooope. you just need to be a decent rider :wink:

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No, your wrong This block will make any Noob become an amazing rider how could you think differently.


if youre getting thrown of by full acceleration, you should learn to stay stable, not cheat and screw a fancy block of wood to your deck and hope you become a god

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Don’t hate on the block.

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Lol, I use my battery pack as a “torque block”


Decks with microdrops FTW!!


How long is that board?

Hit full throttle on my Evo… 5400 watts is the :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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48 inches lol, why?

That’s massive.

The toe stops were actually nose guards I flipped to be too stops…so I felt locked in… Because the Vanguard is a noodle…