Verreal rs upgrade and first time build, seeking advice

Hey everyone! So I have a Verreal rs that I have been riding for awhile but think it’s time for something with more range and power, instead of building a completely new board I want to upgrade the rs. Since this would be my first build I’d love some advice.

The main upgrade will be the battery, planning on a 12s6p with Samsung 50S cells. It should fit double stacked into the rs enclosure if I manage to make it taller by about 20mm. I can order the cells with solder tags preattached, this should mean that all I have to do is wire the cells together and I wouldn’t need to spot weld anything right?

Rest of new the parts:

Am I missing something I have to order? I can get smaller things like wires, connectors locally.


I’m not sure on the vx4 since I’ve heard it had some issues before and unaware if the issues were fixed or not. Same for the dual flipsky esc. However, as long as the battery current isn’t too high, you should be good.

I recommend the makerx Dv6 or the Storm Core for a much better upgrade. The storm core is pricy however.