Verreal vs Ownboard ESCs

Hey all, Is there a difference between the esc’s on the Verreal F1, V1S, and Ownboard kits? I can’t seem to find a straight answer as to what exactly is inside of them. Also, is there a reason why the F1 costs $50 more than the other kits?


(Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I’m not sure if these premade kits count as “DIY” but I felt that the knowledgeable community here may be able to help.)

I believe they are all the same ESC but with tweaked programs. I have no idea 50$ more…

In most cases I think it makes little sense to use those ESCs in DIY applijcations. They are severely limited in power output, and generally the bottleneck of any electric skateboard system. If you are going that direction, you should consider just buying the whole board from one of those manufacturers. It will be cheaper, more waterproof, more reliable, more polished, and just as powerful as any DIY board built around one of their ESCs.

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If you are considering dipping a toe into diy then a kit form verreal or ownboard is not a bad call. Its cheap and you can choose your own deck etc. At least you have some input and as a way of seeing whether esk8 and indeed diy is for you then cool. Cheap and easy but sooner or later you will be here building a proper one. :sunglasses: The difference in those kits is negligible they will perform very similar so either or really. Not a problem posting that here because diy takes all forms and you have to start somewhere. Good luck.