Very nice hub motor esk8 for sale (duel 3,000 watt motors!) - Closed

I got this board from a guy who said it was broken. turns out the bms drained the batteries to the point that they could no longer be charged. i got a new 8 cell bms(the motors and vesc can run up to 12s) but then decided that i no longer wanted the board. the deck is very nice and so is everything else. it comes with an 8 cell power supply and a small remote kinda like the boosted board one. asking $600 plus shipping (whatever that will be). USA only.

That AATS is likely a branding attempt from AA torque systems, or @Alextech. You will want to check every part left to make sure it is working before selling this, as Alex has had many problems recently with quality control and customer satisfaction.

This is a stolen board please get in contact with me asap

Really? You have stolen from several people “that we know of so far” and no one can get hold of you! I suggest you own up to what you’ve done! Your world’s about to come crashing down @Alextech

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@WARMAN Already in contact with @treenutter and this involves the reasoning why.

??how does this involve people not getting there products or battery’s catching fire? Elaborate!

@WARMAN Unless this directly involves you purchasing something from me I can’t discuss details and derail this thread. There is a reason why I have kept silence regarding the recent alligations, this board is unfortunately part of a bigger problem that needs to be solved as well, the seller of this board doesn’t even realize that it has been reported stolen and I don’t want to see him criminalized for something he may not have done.

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Thread closed till this is sorted