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Vesc 4.10 compatibility with 4.12

hi, l am back this summer and still use same set up ( dual 190kv 12s mountainboard ) but l don’t remember if l can connect 2 diffrent vesc hardware in can bus mode . l have one 4.10 going into smoke while l was testing my flipshit motors 190kv in foc mode. (never have any problem for about 2 years in sensorless mode with sk3) so now l have one 4.10 left but because its to old l have no choice to buy 4.12 . l search for reliable vesc and l found the maytech superfoc 4.12 the best value for price .

Don’t run the 4.10 in FOC and you should be fine.

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yes l know that :grin: but my question is 4.10 and 4.12 hardware are compatible in can bus mode

yeeaa… seems like :stuck_out_tongue:

yes it is

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